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Sillestyle Ink Sessions w Kenn Ellis Cannabis Cup Weekend April 17-20

MegaFauna & Steffy SickGirl Presents:
Sillestyle: Ink Sessions featuring Nationally Renowned Tattoo Artist Kenn Ellis

Direct from Cleveland Ohio, if you can think it, he can ink it. Believe the whole MF crew will be getting work done over this long and festive weekend. Join the fun and make some memories at the street boutique that is always pushing the envelop.

LOCAL ARTIST FEATURE: Over a dozen local street artists have been programmed to install permanent mural pieces with the hottest street art in the Rocky Mountain Region.

A Cannabis Cup Tattoo Series with appointment bookings four days only

Book your appointment now at 3102 Blake Streetor CALL 720.982.8049

Hosted by MegaFauna, Steffy SickGirl, RooPhoria, Universal Ink Magazine, RiNO



MILE HIGH MAGIC: Magic Cyclops Super Bowl XLVIII Party | Sun Feb 2 @ Larimer Lounge

Watch the Broncos win Super Bowl XLVIII at Larimer Lounge!

Pabst Blue Ribbon + So Gnar + Megafauna present:

MILE HIGH MAGIC: Magic Cyclops Super Bowl XVLIII Party

Watch the Broncos win Super Bowl XVLIII on Larimer Lounge’s 10′ screen!

FREE SHOTS when the Broncos score
FREE BBQ from Yazoo’s BBQ Company
KARAOKE before/after the game by Magic Cyclops


Celebrate with drink specials all evening and stock up on Broncos gear from Megafauna!

More info: http://www.larimerlounge.com/event_details.cfm?blogid=1405


New Years Resolutions to Shop Local at MegaFauna in 2014


New Years Resolutions to Support Local in 2014

In keeping with tradition and end of year tidings, we take a moment to give thanks for all the generous support of our dedicated customer base and network of artists across the country. For the time and relentless pursuit of the independent creative lifestyle, the reward is often not harbored in the results of our efforts but the commitment itself. We applaud your efforts to support and show our recognition in getting up every day and pay forward your capacity for change and continue to create and forge new frontiers, new styles, new energy in hopes of creating a new future.

For those who continue to fall into the convenient trappings of box corporate mindset, we propose a set of New Years Resolutions to heighten awareness and provide a course of action; that in supporting local, you are really supporting yourself and your community. This support is not simply aesthetics or some catch phrase, there are very real and substantial ramifications to local and global economies, both monetary and socially.

And it is worthwhile to note, that the opposite is true. If you continue to support the models and methods which pay big corporations, big salaries thru mass production this will in turn reduce the positive effects garnered by supporting local. When possible carry this list with you and find a way to engage in the state, city and community where you reside. We are all working toward the ideal, taking care of our family and friends, finding time to enjoy our lives in a healthy and sustainable way and doing so with style and grace so that we can all bring ourselves up.

The community of support it takes to elevate the standard of living for us all resides in our own decisions, day to day, on a micro level rippling out to the community at large. Whether you are making first steps in adopting a “support local” philosophy or helping to spread the word thru your actions, we believe these ten steps are essential to understanding what is at stake.


Ten Reasons to Support Local:

1.  Local Character and Prosperity


In an increasingly homogenized world, communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and distinctive character have an economic advantage.


2.  Community Well-Being


Locally owned businesses build strong communities by sustaining vibrant town centers, linking neighbors in a web of economic and social relationships, and contributing to local causes.


3. Local Decision-Making


Local ownership ensures that important decisions are made locally by people who live in the community and who will feel the impacts of those decisions.


4.  Keeping Dollars in the Local Economy


Compared to chain stores, locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy, enriching the whole community.


5.  Job and Wages


Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally and, in some sectors, provide better wages and benefits than chains do.



6.  Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship fuels America’s economic innovation and prosperity, and serves as a key means for families to move out of low-wage jobs and into the middle class.

7. Public Benefits and Costs


Local stores in town centers require comparatively little infrastructure and make more efficient use of public services relative to big box stores and strip shopping malls.


8.  Environmental Sustainability


Local stores help to sustain vibrant, compact, walkable town centers-which in turn are essential to reducing sprawl, automobile use, habitat loss, and air and water pollution.


9.  Competition


A marketplace of tens of thousands of small businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices over the long-term.


10.  Product Diversity


A multitude of small businesses, each selecting products based, not on a national sales plan, but on their own interests and the needs of their local customers, guarantees a much broader range of product choices.

Reference: Stacy Mitchell, senior researcher with the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. www.ilsr.org

Thank you for supporting local creativity and Happy New Year.

VIDEO RELEASE “Create. Inspire. Evolve. MegaFauna 2.0″

We begin with the end in mind. To realize our dreams we must live the life we seek. To provide the lifestyle we want for our friends, our family, and ourselves. To keep our peace of mind. To Create. To Inspire. To Evolve.


CLICK TO VIEW the VIDEO: “Create. Inspire. Evolve. MegaFauna 2.0″

(continue reading below)


If the trying times of the past decade have given us anything it has illuminated the cause and effect  offered by a failing capitalistic, credit driven structure, an indifferent government and the unsustainable business practice of big business. It has enlightened the awareness of our “spending power” as consumers , and how we fund through omission or commission the degradation of the environment, and the neglect of basic human rights that we take for granted in the bubble of the United States. We have sacrificed the civil liberties of those people in countries less fortunate to save a buck, in order to sew together the illusion of success with convenient possessions… things. But these steps are not set in stone, our habits not uncontrolled, our mindset not driven by necessity but by choice. We have a choice to begin to make decisions, daily, to reincorporate the worldly effect of our actions. And the choice begins within each of us.

At MegaFauna we have taken dramatic steps to grow the operation of creative design, print production, cut and sew and retail facilities. These steps are directly targeted to impress upon the consumer consciousness the importance of sharing in this fight together to live freely and independently. We started with the idea that we are not like the MegaFauna species of the past. We are aware of our actions, we control these actions and their effect unlike any other species or civilization in the history of the world. We are all MegaFauna and it is our fight together.

We offer a more localized experience offering Made in USA, Made in Colorado design and products that benefit directly the Country, The State, The City, The community and the artists who strive daily just to offer a more sustainable consumer path. This path enable growth for themselves and in turn ripples the consumer cycle back into the community. The structure at MegaFauna supports these artists directly and provides a platform to create and complete the cycle of consumption; driving forward the evolution of art, apparel and local design management through an indiscriminate range of products and services. We offer this because this is what we believe in, it is who we are. We live, thru feast and famine, by this method to sustain ourselves and our families. With this hope thru and concerted action we ask active participation from you who have the power to support local creativity and all of its offerings.

Thank you for supporting local creativity and the community of creators wherever you may live.

Join MegaFauna Daily Monday thru Saturday 11AM to 9PM, Sundays until 7pm.


Video Credit: TheManmademadman

CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE VIDEOS Directed. Produced & Presented by TheManmademadman



Official H*Wood Apparel & Merchandise Now Available at MegaFauna

H*Wood does more than stay in his lane…he creates it. “First Light” is ahead of our time…it’s about time we catch up. Club sound be damned, this project is diverse and mainstream enough to take over radio and the clubs while boom-bap/808 laden enough to keep the streets listening. Win.”- HipHopRollCall.com


If the first 5 years of Brandyn H*Wood’s career is any indication he will be creating even more lanes, for locally resonating sounds and now a full apparel line of H*Wood Official Apparel. Artful creation of a brand takes time and proper timing. Throughout his career H*Wood has strategically positioned himself as a master craftsman for being at the right place at the right time. His self titled apparel line is no exception. Launched at the “Doubt Kills” EP release, the H*Wood Official Clothing line marries the right fit, Made in USA, homegrown style that made his sound what it is today. Complete with color ways for the sports general population and blending thoughtful commentary and bold colors, the H*Wood Official Apparel line is making the statement that his message is a force to be reckoned with on and off the stage.


H*Wood Official Apparel is being Exclusively offered at MegaFauna, 3102 Blake Street, available online mid-November. More information on Brandyn “Official H*Wood” Bordeaux here.

Official H*Wood Apparel Detail:

Men’s Crewneck and Droopy available in the following color ways; Purple/Black, Sunset Orange/Navy, Nuggets Yellow/Heather Grey

Locally Designed, Printed and Embroidered in Denver, Colorado

hwood  hwood_orangecrew hwood_purpcrewhwood_beanies hwood_dkdetail hwood_dkfull

Fashion Shows, Final Fridays & Gallery Openings Close out Summer 2013

Fashion Shows, Final Fridays & Gallery Openings close out Summer 2013 at MegaFauna. As we introduced the creative design management team at MegaFauna we did so with reinforced confidence that the independent network of creatives were ready to move into the forefront of events, programming and creative consulting in Colorado. Within six short months, MegaFauna and the collective of 250+ local creative talents have humbly accepted creative design consulting rolls with Colorado’s Largest Outdoor Fashion event, Urban Nights, Colorado’s Best Places to work, Restaurant Solutions Inc., including the design and implementation of a new gallery and event center for South Denver “1101″. Further, MegaFauna has helped to establish and facilitate Final Friday, a culturally integrating music walk and urban bazaar throughout the Greater Five Points, Ball Park and River North Art District.

We have done so with the goal of thoughtful integration of art, business and community. With the reinforcement of belief that the greatest value is that which we can provide for the common good and that no monetary arrangement should ever replace the humanistic element and understanding that we are all in this together. This is a concept that sounds dreamy, or lofty to many, but it is in direct correlation to fundamental principles which support the network that drives our success. As a testament to the network and capabilities of our one for all, all for one philosophy, we are happy to bring you three significant events focusing on our core competencies, Art, Apparel and Local Creative Management. Enjoy the rest of your Summer and we look forward to visiting with you at the store or any of the events listed below.

Urban nights_ Header

Urban Nights Denver is Colorado’s largest outdoor fashion event. It is held for the benefit of Urban Peak which provides services and shelter to homeless youth in Denver. A Runway for a Reason … August 23, 2013. Join MegaFauna as we introduce 12 of Colorado’s top independent designers on the urban landscape at the Mile High Station Viaduct. A very dramatic 100 foot outdoor runway and hyperbolic digital media showcase the creative wonderment of Colorado fashion and design, supporting homeless youth in the Denver area.

Where: Mile High Station

When: Friday August 23

Tickets and more information at www.UrbanNightsDenver.Org


final friday-1

This is the end, my friends, the end. Final Friday Finale is August 30, featuring over 30 local and national acts, 30+ artists and artisans covering over 20 blocks of street scripted style and urban appeal. What began over a year ago as a block party and create sanctuary for local arts and music, has spawn into a statewide phenomenon. Final Friday has been embedded into the creative culture of Colorado allowing for the integration of a myriad of artists interactions which will continue to be felt for years to come. Scripted as a four event music series and urban bazaar, Final Friday has opened up rooftops, illuminated dark alleys and effectively re-introduced a truly social and meaningful experience throughout the Rocky Mountain Region’s fastest growing areas, in Greater Five Points, Ball Park and around the River North Art District.

The August 30th Final Friday will be promoting the culminating efforts of hundreds of local residents and dozens of local businesses. Musical talents from every genre are set to play in, out and around the Northeast corridor of Larimer and Walnut. With so much variety planned, the Final Friday Finale is open for everyone from families to dedicated music and art heads. And at only $5 the event is affordable everyone.

For more information, line up, schedule and ticketing for Final Friday Finale August 30, please visit www.megafaunastore.com/finalfriday.  We cordially invite you to Final Friday Finale and hope that the Finale will leave you begging for an Encore.

Final Friday Finale. Sponsored by Drambuie, Deep Eddy Vodka, Loud Sound Management, PostModern, Wagner Rents, SharpCo Designs, Arts & Venues Denver, RINO (River North Art District), MegaFauna and the independent music, art and business network of Colorado.

Location: August 30 currently based at 2701 Larimer; stretching from 20th Street to 38th Street along the North Larimer and North Walnut corridor.

Cost: $5, going directly to support the bands contributing to your having an awesome time

All Ages, except for 21+ for bar venues.



What do you get when you combine the talents of Colorado’s Top Places to Work, a team of crack-pot video and media production ninjas with the creative design management team at MegaFauna? One En Masse, a Grand Opening for “1101″ South Denver’s newest living art space, curated gallery and event campus. Saturday September 7, 6-10pm hosted at1101 Mineral home of Restaurant Solutions Inc. , awarded Denver Post’s Best Places to Work in Colorado 2013.

The President of Restaurant Solutions Inc, Blair Pennington, admits RSI is an accounting firm that doesn’t act like an accounting firm. RSI boasts a “Who’s Who” of local and national service industry clients and an interactive work space that covers over 68,000 square feet in the newly tapped headquarters in Littleton, Colorado.  “We really set out to create a fun, interactive environment that speaks to our true company culture,” says Pennington, and that culture is all about fun and following up with the local art and music scene. MegaFauna and RSI teamed up to bring together the local creative talents of Bimmer T, for wall installations and murals, Elevated State of Design, for custom wood furniture, office installations and ornamental accents, as well as, permanent installation works of art contributed by several other local creative talents.

The Grand Opening for “1101″ marks a definitive step toward bringing art to the suburbs. With relatively few options for cultural interaction in the outlying suburbs, RSI & MegaFauna hope to deliver a curated experience that is both inviting and enjoyable for people from all walks and all tastes. According to Leia Thompson, Director at 1101, “The 1101 space will also open it’s doors to hosted events, weddings, social gatherings and community based initiatives. 1101 is a creative campus with true tie in to the South Denver communities.”

One En Masse, Presented by MegaFauna, One Floor Up & Restaurant Solutions Inc

-Group Art Show and Open House sponsored by MegaFauna, The Urban Arts Fund, SOCUE, One Floor Up & Restaurant Solutions Inc

-Grand Opening gala at 1101 to feature Live Art, Live Music, Local Food & Open House for Restaurant Solutions Inc. This will be a benefit for The Urban Arts Fund and SOCUE

The Urban Arts Fund creates positive, well-tended and active community gathering spaces, and by generating opportunities for young people to participate in diversionary art and leadership programs.

SOCUE. Sisters of Color United for Education improves peoples health, wellness, and quality of life by educating families about healthy lifestyles and increasing their access to health services by removing language and cultural barriers.

-Awaken your palate to a truly entertaining experience with 10,000 square feet of open house & show space for you to enjoy art, music and socializing

-For More Information call 720.982.8049

Food & Drink & Transportation available by
Rocky Mountain Soda Company, Peach Street Distillers, Moon Distillers, Jelly Cafe & Uber


Thank you for supporting local creativity.

John Mc

Hot and Local Summer 2013 ArtParel

Welcome to Hot and Local Summer 2013 at MegaFauna, the conscious collaboration of locally resourced art and apparel lifestyle we call ArtParel.

Summer 2013 has been a break out year for dozens of local creatives to plant their Artparel in stores like MegaFauna

We believe art stretches beyond the canvas and can be displayed anywhere…..

…..from Tees &  Tanks &  Tops for Her,



image_5 image_7   

…. and For Him.


…. MegaFauna is now the Exclusive Retailer of Ruckus Apparel






PLUS Locally Branded Colorado Gear!




…… to dynamite combos only found at MegaFauna


….. to some of the freshest Hats in the forest.. of hats. A forest of hats.







…..to uniquely sourced accessories, bags and jewelry.

image (2) image_4 (2)image_1 (2)          

   image_2 (2)  image_15image_1

image_5 (2)image_7 (2)image

image_6 (2)image_16

MegaFauna continues to champion local artists and challenge the processes by localizing and integrating products Made in Colorado and Made in the USA.


On average, 50% of all proceeds from MegaFauna sales goes directly back to the artist whom created the Art or Apparel piece. Instead of paying into heavily subsidized corporate retail platforms or non-profit programs diluted by costly administration, we simply work directly with the producing artist, cutting out the middle men. This allows the highest margin for the producing artist and keeps the manufacturing local when possible.  The artparel you buy goes directly to supporting the creative process and local economy.

We are currently updating our web store for a more efficient process. Please email us here >>> contact@megafaunastore.com regarding purchase of any items shown.

IF you are an artist located in Colorado interested in carrying products at MegaFauna or any MegaFauna sponsored event please contact us at www.artparel.com.IF you are an artists located outside Colorado, please contact us, as we might well have a contact at a like minded retailer in a city near you.

MegaFauna is open Monday – Saturday from 11-3/5-9, Sundays 11-5

Currently located at 2701 Larimer Street. Denver CO 80205

Thank you for supporting local creativity.


Segue 13 The musings of Mark Thomason, RiNo Second Saturday April 13

It’s a MF Art Show Presenting “Segue 13″
The musings of Mark Thomason

art show thomason full
The artist in attendance will be presenting a reflection of the continuous development of culture through a combination of religious symbolism and nature-based imagery.

Food and Beverages Provided.
Complimentary introductions to urban style by dozens of local designers and crafty types

MegaFauna: Art, Apparel, Local
Second Saturday
April 13, 2013, 6PM to 10PM
2701 Larimer St Denver CO 80205
more info @ megafaunastore.com/events

Things to do in the neighborhood March 4 – March 10

Monday: Here’s the Best of what’s poppin on our side of town tonight according to our friends at The Marquee and KGNU Community Radio

Battle of the Bands at the Marquis Theatre
Atomic Reactor at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
The Night Beats at Larimer Lounge
Smoove recorded classic jazz while you get styled by J Audrey Hair Studio at Megafauna

++ Don’t forget to vote MegaFauna as Denver Westword Best of RiNo Boutique 2013 at www.westword.com

Tuesday: RiNo Membership Social this Tuesday!

Let’s get together! Questions about membership or how to get involved in the RiNo Art District? Come see what we’re up to and meet other people and businesses in the district.

Please join us for our RiNo Membership Social!
Tuesday, March, 5th from 5:30-7:30pm
Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery
3200 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80206

FREE Pizza compliments of the Walnut Room and the first 40 people get a FREE glass of Infinite Monkey Theorm Wine! Cash bar. Please feel free to pass the word about the social to your neighbors.
For more information on Membership please visit our web site at http://www.rivernorthart.com/membership/

+Jacuzzihidive at Larimer Lounge
+The Air I Breathe at Marquis Theater Denver
Wednesday:WAY BACK WHENsday 15% OFF ALL VINTAGE. VINTAGE REDESIGN, Vintage TOUR TEES, Vintage Trucker Caps, Vintage Snow wear. Hundreds of locally consigned goods. Join your neighbors for the happiest hour in vintage apparel in Denver. BUY SELL TRADE. 9AM to 9PM


Second Saturday: March 9th, 7-11PM
It’s a MF Art Show with the Extraordinary Work of Cody Kuehl | 2701 Larimer

Also Open on Second Saturday in Rino:

Wazee Union | Lucky Dog Art Show A MaxFund Fund Raiser Event

Studios @ Walnut Workshop | 3525 Walnut Street

Trace Gallery | Permanence|Decay Opening | 3700 Franklin

Sunday: Vinyl Revival -
The perfect way to close out the weekend. Get your vinyl fix before Monday sneeks up on you.

Bring your favorite albums or sit back and enjoy what we’ve go spinnin’. Either way fill your soul with the joy only wax can provide
SUNDAY SIDEWALK SALE! 20% OFF select ART + Tees + HOODIES + Totes + Backpacks + Vintage + NEW & USED & ALL LOCAL everywhere!

vinyl revival