Skate Deck Art Show Closing Reception -First Friday June 5th

The ending of The Truly Rejected & MegaFauna Skate Deck Art Show is the beginning of an opportunity to save a life. First Friday, June 5th brings to close the amazing artwork from over 30 Colorado artists whom have contributed a broad range of artistically and uniquely styled skateboard decks in support of the youth support programs in Native and non-native communities. Too many times the community at large has overlooked the challenges in education and positive-affirmation activities for today’s youth, so we in the Colorado art community have taken opportunity with this skate deck show to expressly pronounce not only these challenges, but solutions with socially justifiable programs.

photo 4

Over the past 4 weeks we have been blessed with the beginning of a new relationship and partner with Stronghold Society. Stronghold Society is a Colorado based non-profit dedicated to instilling hope to youth and supporting youth movements through Live Life Call To Action Campaigns. ( )


Partnering with Truly Rejected Magazine facilitated the partnership with Stronghold Society and a diverse group of artists which opened up limitless possibilities in both size, scale and scope of the artwork contributed for this consciously programmed event.


First Friday June 5th opens up a last call to the community to actively engage the artwork and cause supported by 30+ local artists. Denver’s Westword covered the opening event and the impressive list of artists who participated.

skate deck FB cover

Credit: Westword Arts & Culture/ All photos by Ken Hamblin

We will continue to express thanks and blessings to all the talented artists who provided artwork.See more from the participating artists with the list below;

Robert Bell(
Jeremy “worm”,Christian OTG (
Guerilla Garden,

Robert Marcellius,

Darin Roth (
James Fuller ,

Sherry Hern (
Girr Patrick (

Mar Williams

Frank Kwiatkowski (
David palmer

Joseph olenik
Rusty nutter
Jim Clark

Marion street tattoo

Rob Mack
May Bailey
Emily J Moore
Michael Gallegos
Brandan Styles
Blake A Chamness
Zak Kinsella
Andi Todaro
Brett Nienburg
Matt Mega C
Cody Kuehl
Morgan Febrey
Viet Doan
Snodgrass Jones
Travis Working
April Aultman
Broox Pulford
Shitty Kitten

and then some….


We hope you choose to support the cause, the community and the globally significant challenges faced by today’s youth at the closing event of the Skate Deck Artshow presented by Truly Rejected Magazine supporting Stronghold Society, hosted at MegaFauna 3102 Blake Street, Denver CO – First Friday in the RiNo Art District – 10am to 8pm.

Thank you for continuing to support local creativity at MegaFauna.


“Keep it Glassy” Art Show at Meadowlark & MegaFauna

They say that the purpose of art is to invoke an emotional response. If this is the case, it takes a special type of art to invoke a melee. This past July Mike McGinley approached me about hanging an impromptu show featuring his latest and greatest pop and flash art etched on glass. No promotion, no advanced notice. Within two days every piece was purchased. The mob reached such a frenzy at one point, I was up a ladder trying to hang a piece and customers were bidding and buying before the piece could get properly leveled. Such has been my experience with Mike McGinley and his art etched on window and glass panes.

December 7 at Meadowlark & MegaFauna, Mike McGinley aims to add to a new and fun-filled show presenting one-of-a-kind pop-art etched on glass with, “Keep it Glassy”.

Mike will be presenting all original interpretations of pop influenced imagery and his own creations of flash and street culture, just above the curb. Each piece will be displayed on resourced and upcycled window pane and modified doors with glass installations. Each sized properly to fit a large wall as a series OR individually for the downtown or loft crowd. There are some surprises in play for the show, including LED retro-fitted and back-lit pieces.

Boulder-based Evo Hemp of Hemp Health, Inc., will be in attendance passing health-filled hemp bar samples and cool schwag. DJ Viking Sound Machine will be in the house pushing beats and other audible treats. J Audrey Hair Studio will be offering discount cards for their in-house hair studio. As always the MF Cafe will be selling locally roasted Novo Coffee, Rocky Mountain Sodas, sandwiches by local deli’s and Mom’s famous baked treats.

Keep it Glassy 6 PM-10PM at MegaFauna and continue Keeping it Glassy until midnight in Meadowlark at 2701 Larimer in the North Larimer neighborhood of Greater Five Points.