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We begin with the end in mind. To realize our dreams we must live the life we seek. To provide the lifestyle we want for our friends, our family, and ourselves. To keep our peace of mind. To Create. To Inspire. To Evolve.


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If the trying times of the past decade have given us anything it has illuminated the cause and effect  offered by a failing capitalistic, credit driven structure, an indifferent government and the unsustainable business practice of big business. It has enlightened the awareness of our “spending power” as consumers , and how we fund through omission or commission the degradation of the environment, and the neglect of basic human rights that we take for granted in the bubble of the United States. We have sacrificed the civil liberties of those people in countries less fortunate to save a buck, in order to sew together the illusion of success with convenient possessions… things. But these steps are not set in stone, our habits not uncontrolled, our mindset not driven by necessity but by choice. We have a choice to begin to make decisions, daily, to reincorporate the worldly effect of our actions. And the choice begins within each of us.

At MegaFauna we have taken dramatic steps to grow the operation of creative design, print production, cut and sew and retail facilities. These steps are directly targeted to impress upon the consumer consciousness the importance of sharing in this fight together to live freely and independently. We started with the idea that we are not like the MegaFauna species of the past. We are aware of our actions, we control these actions and their effect unlike any other species or civilization in the history of the world. We are all MegaFauna and it is our fight together.

We offer a more localized experience offering Made in USA, Made in Colorado design and products that benefit directly the Country, The State, The City, The community and the artists who strive daily just to offer a more sustainable consumer path. This path enable growth for themselves and in turn ripples the consumer cycle back into the community. The structure at MegaFauna supports these artists directly and provides a platform to create and complete the cycle of consumption; driving forward the evolution of art, apparel and local design management through an indiscriminate range of products and services. We offer this because this is what we believe in, it is who we are. We live, thru feast and famine, by this method to sustain ourselves and our families. With this hope thru and concerted action we ask active participation from you who have the power to support local creativity and all of its offerings.

Thank you for supporting local creativity and the community of creators wherever you may live.

Join MegaFauna Daily Monday thru Saturday 11AM to 9PM, Sundays until 7pm.


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Things to do in the neighborhood March 4 – March 10

Monday: Here’s the Best of what’s poppin on our side of town tonight according to our friends at The Marquee and KGNU Community Radio

Battle of the Bands at the Marquis Theatre
Atomic Reactor at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
The Night Beats at Larimer Lounge
Smoove recorded classic jazz while you get styled by J Audrey Hair Studio at Megafauna

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Tuesday: RiNo Membership Social this Tuesday!

Let’s get together! Questions about membership or how to get involved in the RiNo Art District? Come see what we’re up to and meet other people and businesses in the district.

Please join us for our RiNo Membership Social!
Tuesday, March, 5th from 5:30-7:30pm
Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery
3200 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80206

FREE Pizza compliments of the Walnut Room and the first 40 people get a FREE glass of Infinite Monkey Theorm Wine! Cash bar. Please feel free to pass the word about the social to your neighbors.
For more information on Membership please visit our web site at

+Jacuzzihidive at Larimer Lounge
+The Air I Breathe at Marquis Theater Denver
Wednesday:WAY BACK WHENsday 15% OFF ALL VINTAGE. VINTAGE REDESIGN, Vintage TOUR TEES, Vintage Trucker Caps, Vintage Snow wear. Hundreds of locally consigned goods. Join your neighbors for the happiest hour in vintage apparel in Denver. BUY SELL TRADE. 9AM to 9PM


Second Saturday: March 9th, 7-11PM
It’s a MF Art Show with the Extraordinary Work of Cody Kuehl | 2701 Larimer

Also Open on Second Saturday in Rino:

Wazee Union | Lucky Dog Art Show A MaxFund Fund Raiser Event

Studios @ Walnut Workshop | 3525 Walnut Street

Trace Gallery | Permanence|Decay Opening | 3700 Franklin

Sunday: Vinyl Revival –
The perfect way to close out the weekend. Get your vinyl fix before Monday sneeks up on you.

Bring your favorite albums or sit back and enjoy what we’ve go spinnin’. Either way fill your soul with the joy only wax can provide
SUNDAY SIDEWALK SALE! 20% OFF select ART + Tees + HOODIES + Totes + Backpacks + Vintage + NEW & USED & ALL LOCAL everywhere!

vinyl revival

Westword: Art and Culture: It’s a MF Art Show


By Moon Light Speed, at MegaFauna.

John McCaskill of the Upper Larimer boutique/gallery MegaFauna got his start at Derailed Ink, a screen-printing business, and printed work — more specifically, exquisitely crafted band posters — is still one of his passions as a retailer. No surprise, then, that McCaskill has chosen to showcase posters and artists in the first of what he expects to be a yearlong, traveling series of It’s a MF Art Show exhibitions featuring different aspects of MegaFauna’s creative stock.

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-Susan Froyd


Christopher Shaw, Whiskeyfoot Prints.

“The goal of these shows is to open the public’s opinion of art to include more than just visual arts; accessories, apparel, design, music, performance pieces all encompass the range we embrace as ‘art’ at MegaFauna,” McCaskill says. “We hope this brings more awareness toward art and, of course, helps garner support for independent creatives everywhere.”

John Vogl

A dozen local artists, including both new and established faces, will offer unique and affordable graphics representing local and global acts alike. The show kicks off with a party from 6 to 10 p.m. on Thursday, January 10 at MegaFauna and the adjacent Meadowlark; food, drink and music will be part of the package. Posters will then remain on view at both locations through the month of January.

For more information visit the Facebook event page; learn more about MegaFauna at the website.

Find information on hundreds of other arts and entertainment events in our online Calendar.

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