Fashion Shows, Final Fridays & Gallery Openings Close out Summer 2013

Fashion Shows, Final Fridays & Gallery Openings close out Summer 2013 at MegaFauna. As we introduced the creative design management team at MegaFauna we did so with reinforced confidence that the independent network of creatives were ready to move into the forefront of events, programming and creative consulting in Colorado. Within six short months, MegaFauna and the collective of 250+ local creative talents have humbly accepted creative design consulting rolls with Colorado’s Largest Outdoor Fashion event, Urban Nights, Colorado’s Best Places to work, Restaurant Solutions Inc., including the design and implementation of a new gallery and event center for South Denver “1101”. Further, MegaFauna has helped to establish and facilitate Final Friday, a culturally integrating music walk and urban bazaar throughout the Greater Five Points, Ball Park and River North Art District.

We have done so with the goal of thoughtful integration of art, business and community. With the reinforcement of belief that the greatest value is that which we can provide for the common good and that no monetary arrangement should ever replace the humanistic element and understanding that we are all in this together. This is a concept that sounds dreamy, or lofty to many, but it is in direct correlation to fundamental principles which support the network that drives our success. As a testament to the network and capabilities of our one for all, all for one philosophy, we are happy to bring you three significant events focusing on our core competencies, Art, Apparel and Local Creative Management. Enjoy the rest of your Summer and we look forward to visiting with you at the store or any of the events listed below.

Urban nights_ Header

Urban Nights Denver is Colorado’s largest outdoor fashion event. It is held for the benefit of Urban Peak which provides services and shelter to homeless youth in Denver. A Runway for a Reason … August 23, 2013. Join MegaFauna as we introduce 12 of Colorado’s top independent designers on the urban landscape at the Mile High Station Viaduct. A very dramatic 100 foot outdoor runway and hyperbolic digital media showcase the creative wonderment of Colorado fashion and design, supporting homeless youth in the Denver area.

Where: Mile High Station

When: Friday August 23

Tickets and more information at www.UrbanNightsDenver.Org


final friday-1

This is the end, my friends, the end. Final Friday Finale is August 30, featuring over 30 local and national acts, 30+ artists and artisans covering over 20 blocks of street scripted style and urban appeal. What began over a year ago as a block party and create sanctuary for local arts and music, has spawn into a statewide phenomenon. Final Friday has been embedded into the creative culture of Colorado allowing for the integration of a myriad of artists interactions which will continue to be felt for years to come. Scripted as a four event music series and urban bazaar, Final Friday has opened up rooftops, illuminated dark alleys and effectively re-introduced a truly social and meaningful experience throughout the Rocky Mountain Region’s fastest growing areas, in Greater Five Points, Ball Park and around the River North Art District.

The August 30th Final Friday will be promoting the culminating efforts of hundreds of local residents and dozens of local businesses. Musical talents from every genre are set to play in, out and around the Northeast corridor of Larimer and Walnut. With so much variety planned, the Final Friday Finale is open for everyone from families to dedicated music and art heads. And at only $5 the event is affordable everyone.

For more information, line up, schedule and ticketing for Final Friday Finale August 30, please visit  We cordially invite you to Final Friday Finale and hope that the Finale will leave you begging for an Encore.

Final Friday Finale. Sponsored by Drambuie, Deep Eddy Vodka, Loud Sound Management, PostModern, Wagner Rents, SharpCo Designs, Arts & Venues Denver, RINO (River North Art District), MegaFauna and the independent music, art and business network of Colorado.

Location: August 30 currently based at 2701 Larimer; stretching from 20th Street to 38th Street along the North Larimer and North Walnut corridor.

Cost: $5, going directly to support the bands contributing to your having an awesome time

All Ages, except for 21+ for bar venues.



What do you get when you combine the talents of Colorado’s Top Places to Work, a team of crack-pot video and media production ninjas with the creative design management team at MegaFauna? One En Masse, a Grand Opening for “1101” South Denver’s newest living art space, curated gallery and event campus. Saturday September 7, 6-10pm hosted at1101 Mineral home of Restaurant Solutions Inc. , awarded Denver Post’s Best Places to Work in Colorado 2013.

The President of Restaurant Solutions Inc, Blair Pennington, admits RSI is an accounting firm that doesn’t act like an accounting firm. RSI boasts a “Who’s Who” of local and national service industry clients and an interactive work space that covers over 68,000 square feet in the newly tapped headquarters in Littleton, Colorado.  “We really set out to create a fun, interactive environment that speaks to our true company culture,” says Pennington, and that culture is all about fun and following up with the local art and music scene. MegaFauna and RSI teamed up to bring together the local creative talents of Bimmer T, for wall installations and murals, Elevated State of Design, for custom wood furniture, office installations and ornamental accents, as well as, permanent installation works of art contributed by several other local creative talents.

The Grand Opening for “1101” marks a definitive step toward bringing art to the suburbs. With relatively few options for cultural interaction in the outlying suburbs, RSI & MegaFauna hope to deliver a curated experience that is both inviting and enjoyable for people from all walks and all tastes. According to Leia Thompson, Director at 1101, “The 1101 space will also open it’s doors to hosted events, weddings, social gatherings and community based initiatives. 1101 is a creative campus with true tie in to the South Denver communities.”

One En Masse, Presented by MegaFauna, One Floor Up & Restaurant Solutions Inc

-Group Art Show and Open House sponsored by MegaFauna, The Urban Arts Fund, SOCUE, One Floor Up & Restaurant Solutions Inc

-Grand Opening gala at 1101 to feature Live Art, Live Music, Local Food & Open House for Restaurant Solutions Inc. This will be a benefit for The Urban Arts Fund and SOCUE

The Urban Arts Fund creates positive, well-tended and active community gathering spaces, and by generating opportunities for young people to participate in diversionary art and leadership programs.

SOCUE. Sisters of Color United for Education improves peoples health, wellness, and quality of life by educating families about healthy lifestyles and increasing their access to health services by removing language and cultural barriers.

-Awaken your palate to a truly entertaining experience with 10,000 square feet of open house & show space for you to enjoy art, music and socializing

-For More Information call 720.982.8049

Food & Drink & Transportation available by
Rocky Mountain Soda Company, Peach Street Distillers, Moon Distillers, Jelly Cafe & Uber


Thank you for supporting local creativity.

John Mc

“Keep it Glassy” Art Show at Meadowlark & MegaFauna

They say that the purpose of art is to invoke an emotional response. If this is the case, it takes a special type of art to invoke a melee. This past July Mike McGinley approached me about hanging an impromptu show featuring his latest and greatest pop and flash art etched on glass. No promotion, no advanced notice. Within two days every piece was purchased. The mob reached such a frenzy at one point, I was up a ladder trying to hang a piece and customers were bidding and buying before the piece could get properly leveled. Such has been my experience with Mike McGinley and his art etched on window and glass panes.

December 7 at Meadowlark & MegaFauna, Mike McGinley aims to add to a new and fun-filled show presenting one-of-a-kind pop-art etched on glass with, “Keep it Glassy”.

Mike will be presenting all original interpretations of pop influenced imagery and his own creations of flash and street culture, just above the curb. Each piece will be displayed on resourced and upcycled window pane and modified doors with glass installations. Each sized properly to fit a large wall as a series OR individually for the downtown or loft crowd. There are some surprises in play for the show, including LED retro-fitted and back-lit pieces.

Boulder-based Evo Hemp of Hemp Health, Inc., will be in attendance passing health-filled hemp bar samples and cool schwag. DJ Viking Sound Machine will be in the house pushing beats and other audible treats. J Audrey Hair Studio will be offering discount cards for their in-house hair studio. As always the MF Cafe will be selling locally roasted Novo Coffee, Rocky Mountain Sodas, sandwiches by local deli’s and Mom’s famous baked treats.

Keep it Glassy 6 PM-10PM at MegaFauna and continue Keeping it Glassy until midnight in Meadowlark at 2701 Larimer in the North Larimer neighborhood of Greater Five Points.


MF Cafe now sells Evo Hemp Bars

November 2012 will forever remind me of the month the store, finally, received it’s restaurant retail license. In addition to the coffee and light food options being presented, November 2012 will also remind me of meeting the two very smart and very, genuinely motivated founders at Evo Hemp, Ari and Jourdan.These guys thought of everything, from a simple smart solution in a food snack, to a compostable wrapper  that thinks about it’s job of disappearing long after you’ve dropped it from your hemp seed satiated palms.

The introduction of the Evo Hemp bar marks the first conscious food decision at the MF Cafe, a shout out to my Boulder roots and the introduction of a future MEGA food brand to my little “up-and-coming” neighborhood in Greater Five Points. You may have not heard of Evo Hemp Bar, YET. Give it a month, this Boulder based fledgling company has recently inked deals with Pharmica and soon to adorn the aisles of Whole Foods. As Evo continues to grow, so too will the MegaFauna involvement in collaboration with Evo concepts and their firm commitment to think locally and act globally.


Evo hemp is a health food company that utilizes the incredible power of hemp seeds with their essential oils, protein, flavanols and minerals to give your healthy body what it needs.

– Evo Hemp’s Mission –

Supply the world with hemp seed rich foods that provide people all the essential nutrients needed to live a happy and healthy life. Protect the rights of the planet and it’s inhabitants.

unwrap the power of hemp seeds DAILY 10AM-late

@ 2701 Larimer St. Denver. Order bulk by emailing

Evo Hemp bar packs as much into it as you do into your day.
Pure fruits, nuts and seeds sustain your energy and satisfy
your taste buds on the go. The essential oils, protein,
flavanols and minerals gives your healthy body what it needs,
all backed by the incredible power of hemp seeds.

It’s superfood, evovled!


Westword Best of Denver, RiNo Boutique 2012 and the evolution of thought

Thank you Westword for this generous nod as Best of RiNo Boutique in Denver for 2012. Starting up a new business nowadays or any day has never been easy. Unless accomplished, one might find it difficult to fully appreciate the sacrifices necessary to make a business survive, let alone thrive. And wherever MegaFauna happens to fall within that spectrum, finding this kind of recognition by some folks in Denver is a great vote of confidence.

Westword Denver Best of RiNo Boutique, MegaFauna

If you’ll indulge me, a bit of back story and philosophy behind what exactly we are trying to do here with the collective of artists at MegaFauna. My hope is that with greater understanding, perhaps you too will take time to visit and support a renewed vision of the conscious consumer culture through our network of artists, designers, musicians and professional services.

The mission of MegaFauna is to support the evolution of the conscious consumer culture through independent and sustainable business practices.

Pretty broad in scope and definitely more than just a retail store. I suppose this is the effect that takes guests away when they visit, along with all the rad art and apparel. MegaFauna’s goal is to become an epicenter of change through programs focused on providing independent artists (designers, crafts people, jewelers, mixed media, musicians, et al) the tools, skills and network necessary to become successful. I can hear mentors cringing as I divulge my path. But this is relative to the point of the organization. All of the information, training methods, resources and people are out there, but there is so much. Where does one begin? What information do we trust? How do we tell the real from the fake?
We are all dealing with the same set of cards in a way and asking for help with your hand when we all we are all holding the same cards and playing by the same rules, things fall apart.

Time for new rules.
Five years ago I had shunned a successful career with corporate America because I felt a loss for the real. I was living a happy hour lifestyle, living the fancy life, the cars, the trips, you name it. Sounds enviable but somehow in all of this “success,” life just felt empty. So I quit, had all my money and possessions stolen (longer story) and I started from square one.
When you start over, at any age, all the accolades, the money you used to make, the education even, doesn’t count for shit. When you find yourself on the street you learn new rules, you learn a new reality, you learn about reality. In essence, we are trained that we as a society base success on how far we should remove ourselves from this reality. We are wedged increasingly further away from this reality by innumerable layers of consumer fluff, dictated through mainstream media/advertising/politics/education….. Then a nice “recession” hits, or another war, or some inevitable disaster, or social crisis and away we all go. Each of us forced even further down our socially reinforced roles. I’m not going to get into the better or worse scenarios because of my particular background (generally accepted social barriers – race, gender, ethnicity, economies, etc.,) tangibly, physically, mentally, spiritually; I was at the bottom.

My friend Robert Bell, just getting out of art school back East, calls me one day to ask if I would help throw an art function for him. The success of this show builds confidence on our lifelong friendship and dedication to support one another. Then some fun ideas for some T-shirts comes about. We begin to sell shirts, funny off-branded creations and spoofs of characters we all know love and idolize, tongue-in-cheek style.

Rob and I had created a niche and didn’t know it. DeRailed Ink was born within a year and we were off. Alternative sports apparel with that “instant vintage” appeal. It took less than two years before we realized the challenges emerging artists and companies faced. Even with that good ole fashioned State schooling we just couldn’t break through. The MEGA corporate red tape, the politics, the bar was set; so it would seem. Unless we set our own bar? See the problem with all this religiously-manifested corporate culture is that, it’s empty. It doesn’t stand for anything. If you want to be something you have to be about something.

For me there was a natural step to move DeRailed Ink into a store but because of so many barriers to entry this just wasn’t possible. So I got another job, then another, then another. I think at one point I was up to five. The DeRailed Ink team worked and saved and one day, after about 4 years I had scraped enough together to open the MegaFauna store at 2701 Larimer, in the Greater Five Points Neighborhoods, Denver. Again it didn’t mean anything if we just abandoned everyone that supported us along the way just to open “our” store. So, it occurred to me to allow other like minded organizations into the space and our collective of people was born.

This is why the name MegaFauna, we the people are the MegaFauna. We are no different from those prehistoric beasts of the past. If people don’t begin to support one another in everything that we do, we will simply disappear. The dinosaurs didn’t have the capacity to invoke this change, but people can. Unless we evolve our conscious behavior and begin to look forward to certain changes, all of this; society, technology, “higher thought” won’t mean shit. We’re on a compulsively-consumptive rate that by any measuring stick, and whichever side of the aisle of bs you stand on, this existence will continue to separate classes, resources, etc, until we are at a crisis. Don’t believe me, but believe the trends of the hyper population centers of the world. Believe the very real ramifications hyper consumption take on area like the Middle East, Far East and so on. < not tomorrow, I’m talking long-term paths here>

We have to start somewhere.

Money can’t make food grow on trees, money can’t stop war, money can’t make people treat other people better, but people can. So we, the people, involve ourselves into programs, at first, to begin to fix some of these social missteps. Stop spending money outside when we need it inside. Stop growing food somewhere else, when we need it here, localize and maximize on the local level. There is talent all across the world and programs available to INpower every one of these people, but exhausted, mismanaged/misled resources, and exhaustive priorities prevent necessary changes and direction. Let’s stop putting the pressure on someone else to take you to the water, pick up a shovel and dig to it yourself.

For MegaFauna and the growing collective, the point to all of this is, no one caved. No bending to some corporate agenda, or some subsidized government bailed-out bank based on fakes means to false ends on the backs of irresponsible behavior. We started this with the intention of giving back. And everyday this is what we do, we provide a platform for independent minds to support themselves.

MegaFauna is about the people because we the people are MegaFauna.
Thank you for supporting local creativity and providing a foundation for the evolution of the consumer conscious. Please continue to show support for independent art, music, education, farming, professional and service industries. You will frequently see the MegaFauna brand or sponsorship tagged to events. It is important for me that you know Why we are doing what we’re doing and that with this knowledge you too will support these events, performances and collaborations. Keep believing in the good of human spirit and keep an eye out, we’re just getting started.

Best of RiNo Boutique 2012 caption below

“When it opened last spring, a door away from the Meadowlark, MegaFauna announced itself to be “a soapbox for those who have grown weary of the corporate brand.” And to its credit, the crew of local cheerleaders behind the RiNo boutique have stuck to their guns by showcasing Denver designers, artists and screen-printers. Dreamed up (with help from the Meadowlark’s Loy Merck, who owns the building) by Rob Bell and John McCaskill of DeRailed Ink, a small T-shirt studio, the store is casual in vibe and in particular specializes in reasonably priced hand-run posters and clothing (including DeRailed Ink’s in-house screened Broncos tees). Also represented are unique Denver designers — clothing by Havea Lolo and beautiful repurposed furniture and lamp shades by Jeanne Connolly’s Vintage Renewal — plus jewelry and JammyPack speaker bags. Given its location, MegaFauna strives to be something like a general store of old, only one that sells something slightly different from bulk flour and yards of calico. Instead, it provides essential art and design for a new generation of urban dwellers.”

2701 Larimer Street
Denver, CO

Find us:
FaceBook @megafaunastore
Twitter @megafaunaCO
Daily 2701 Larimer St, Denver Colorado