MF Local Apparel Release: Idolize Lost City Collection 2015

Idolize Clothing Co. Progression driven clothing .

  Established in the Summer of 2011, Idolize Clothing founder, Chris Styles, was dissatisfied with what the industry was offering. Chris set out to create a premium quality clothing line that focused on the needs of the growing entrepreneur. He wanted to design a simple but eye catching piece that those on the go would like to wear. By combining the best attributes of different clothing categories, the grind and mindset of the Hustlers, the ultimate hybrid of ‘progression clothing’ was born…..

-Idolize Clothing, Progression Driven (Idolize Owner, Chris Styles)


We have witnessed the dynamic growth and reinforced positive attributes which are self described above by Idolize Clothing, Owner, Chris “Styles”.

Chris at Idolize Clothing continues to be a shining example of how to build a clothing line with the thoughtful and diligent development of an emerging brand, not just a label with some letters on a sleeve. Chris works with MegaFauna on an (almost) daily basis to link, like, post and promote his brand and designs.


The Lost City Collection is the next incantation of the Idolize Clothing brand exploring contemporary street style with classic, timeless, conscientious design elements.

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Lost City Collection balances numerical expression and the resurfacing of bold and brash colorways.

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Idolize Clothing has remained relevant by adhering to simple design work and building into new and relevant product categories, listening to their customer base every step of the way.

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Idolize Clothing is exclusively available in-store at MegaFauna and we are proud to call the Idolize Clothing family our personal friends.


Creativity  and application is the driving vehicle throughout the movement, and innovation lies at the heart of the brand. The passion for uplifting through hustle and grind in this market was unheard of. We consider ourselves as the extra push to success, the ambition that wakes you up, and the drive that keeps you from giving up.

MegaFauna Exclusively Presents Apparel by Idolize Clothing at 3102 Blake Street, Denver Colorado 80205



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