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MegaFauna Gift Guide 2013

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Band Poster Paradise… It’s a MF Art Show

Show your Mile High love for music and art the entire month of January at MegaFauna & Meadowlark 2701 Larimer 80205pts

Band Poster aficionados will rejoice at the sight of Tour Posters and musical propaganda from past & present.

Join dozens of local musicians, designers, artists, and even some of us regular non-talented types who just enjoy a nice piece hanging on a wall.

Food and Drink and Music to make you dance will be provided.

See you there…and then

art show logo_Jan2013

Denver Business Journal: Artists’ store opens in Five Points

We just learned the Denver Business Journal posted a nice article in their blog on December 3.  Their blog has a very high readership on the Front Range and really speaks to the range of clients that enjoy a smart, sophisticated and savvy boutique shopping experience at MegaFauna.

Here’s a link to their article: http://www.bizjournals.com/denver/blog/shop_watch/2012/12/shop-watch-1203.html

Please share out to everyone in social media…. Google+  Facebook Twitter et al

Thank you!

“Keep it Glassy” Art Show at Meadowlark & MegaFauna

They say that the purpose of art is to invoke an emotional response. If this is the case, it takes a special type of art to invoke a melee. This past July Mike McGinley approached me about hanging an impromptu show featuring his latest and greatest pop and flash art etched on glass. No promotion, no advanced notice. Within two days every piece was purchased. The mob reached such a frenzy at one point, I was up a ladder trying to hang a piece and customers were bidding and buying before the piece could get properly leveled. Such has been my experience with Mike McGinley and his art etched on window and glass panes.

December 7 at Meadowlark & MegaFauna, Mike McGinley aims to add to a new and fun-filled show presenting one-of-a-kind pop-art etched on glass with, “Keep it Glassy”.

Mike will be presenting all original interpretations of pop influenced imagery and his own creations of flash and street culture, just above the curb. Each piece will be displayed on resourced and upcycled window pane and modified doors with glass installations. Each sized properly to fit a large wall as a series OR individually for the downtown or loft crowd. There are some surprises in play for the show, including LED retro-fitted and back-lit pieces.

Boulder-based Evo Hemp of Hemp Health, Inc., will be in attendance passing health-filled hemp bar samples and cool schwag. DJ Viking Sound Machine will be in the house pushing beats and other audible treats. J Audrey Hair Studio will be offering discount cards for their in-house hair studio. As always the MF Cafe will be selling locally roasted Novo Coffee, Rocky Mountain Sodas, sandwiches by local deli’s and Mom’s famous baked treats.

Keep it Glassy 6 PM-10PM at MegaFauna and continue Keeping it Glassy until midnight in Meadowlark at 2701 Larimer in the North Larimer neighborhood of Greater Five Points.


MegaFauna Announces Grand Opening Of Denver Retail Store

Nearly 19 months have passed following the physical launch of MegaFauna at 2701 Larimer St in Denver Colorado. We have stumbled past obstacles, challenges and accolades pushing to solidify a foundation in the MegaFauna organization. This foundation will allow us to continue into the future as the premier platform for independent artists, from all walks. In an effort to step forward confidently into our second year of business we have pulled together a crack-pot team of marketing and public relations experts to officially announce the Grand Opening of MegaFauna to the world.


I would like to thank all the critics who provided the motivation when we needed and the naysayers who now aren’t around to say I told you so. Also, infinite thanks to family and friends whom have proved their metal and walked with MegaFauna every humbling step along this path. It is only through the constant support of our customers and the contributions of independent artists that we at MegaFauna continue to grow.

A portion of this concept was to continue the evolution of business and consumerism into a new ideal. Merchandising locally conceived and produced products without bending to the red tape and backwards values of big business. MegaFauna exists to bring the art of the people, to the people. This monstrous idea was to enable independent artists to create and brand themselves as a part of the whole of the Colorado art scene. The pooling of creativity and resources allows the artist(s) a platform to display, mentor and vend his/her art, apparel & merchandise.


MegaFauna exists today to serve the independent art community.

Please share this Press Release with Everyone You Know, by passing along this message you are helping independent business in this country grow.

 CLICK HERE>>>  PR_GrandOpening_11.28.12

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MegaFauna Announces Grand Opening Of Denver Retail Store
MegaFauna, an artist collective featuring locally made print art, apparel and music, has announced the grand opening of its retail store and coffee shop located at 2701 Larimer Street
in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood.
Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) November 28, 2012 — MegaFauna, an artist collective featuring locally made print art, apparel and music, has announced the grand opening of its retail store and coffee shop located at 2701 Larimer Street in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood.
Named after a zoological term describing large, mostly extinct species, MegaFauna is the vision of local artist and designer John McCaskill, who conceived the idea while looking for retail outlets for his own T-shirt and apparel designs.

“As co-owner of a screen printing business in Denver for many years, I had a difficult time getting our designs
into retail stores due to the stock levels and insurance requirements for many chains and big-box stores,” said
McCaskill. “I realized there was a need for a store that supports local artists by featuring their work, and also
lowering the barriers to entry they encounter when trying to market their designs.”

MegaFauna currently works with nearly 50 independent local artists, including jewelry and apparel designers, print and graphic artists, photographers and musicians. The store also supports Denver-based programs like Feed Denver and Youth On Record, and promotes the work of local artists with exhibits, events, and sales.

For McCaskill, MegaFauna is not only a retail platform for local artists, but also a great shopping experience
for the conscious consumer. “Many megafauna species did not survive. I worry that if we don’t support our
local artists, they too won’t survive,” said McCaskill. “MegaFauna acts as a vehicle for conscious consumer
behavior by providing high-quality, locally made art and upcycled/recycled goods, and is broad enough to
include local food suppliers and socially conscious programs.”

In line with his vision, McCaskill has partnered with local coffee suppliers, roasters, delicatessens, and pre-packaged foods companies to offer a coffee shop and café with light, eco-friendly food options. The café plans to open a walk-up pedestrian window for the area’s burgeoning late night traffic. A former nationally ranked collegiate hurdler, McCaskill earned a business degree from Mississippi State University and his business acumen from years as a manager for restaurants and high-tech companies.

McCaskill says he plans to take his MegaFauna concept to other cities in the future. “We intend to carry our
brand forward as a conscious consumer-type store so that wherever we open a new retail outlet, we will feature
artists and goods local to that area,” he said.

MegaFauna is located at 2701 Larimer Street in the heart of Denver’s Five Points neighborhood. The retail store and coffee shop is open seven days a week, from 10:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. The café’s pedestrian window will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights until 2:00 A.M. For more information, visit their website at www.megafaunastore.com,

or follow MegaFauna on Facebook (@megafaunastore), or Twitter (@megafaunaCO), or Instagram (@megafaunadenver).

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Contact Information
Ali Randall
Daisy Public Relations

Handcrafted Jewelry by Tricks and Ginger at 2701 Larimer

Tricks and Ginger is a local Denver handcrafted jewelry and accessory partnership founded in the summer of 2011. They specialize in one of a kind leather and lace pieces that straddle both bold and delicate, capturing the duality often found within the individual and our worldly surroundings.

The T&G line includes bracelets (his/hers), rings, necklaces, and re-usable coffee holders. All of their items are crafted from scrap material purchased from local suppliers, and are totally one of a kind. From purchasing, to manufacturing, to packaging they do everything they can to make conscious decisions and conduct their business in a environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Tricks and Ginger have been selling at MegaFauna since February 2012. The most recent release of product includes His and Hers leather bracelets and cuffs. See below.



The T& G Line was also a feature accessory for the Fall 2012 MF LookBook and a favorite of renowned model and MegaFauna stylist, Cassie Stevens.

Tricks and Ginger will be featured in the MF Holiday Guide 2012. To see these styles and other custom pieces please visit the MegaFauna Showroom at 2701 Larimer St. Denver, CO 80205


November First Friday at The Meadowlark

Tricks are for Toys: a study of art, apparel and art on apparel

November 2 features pieces by
…… Nkosi Still and Unorthodox Children

Artist(s) in Attendance
Music Delights by disc jockeys
Foodie Treats by Babas Falafel
Beverages by choice
abNormal People & Dialog

LOCATED @ 2701 Larimer St. “NoLa”, Denver
Conscious. Street. Couture.

PASS IT ON……………………………………………….



curated & conspired by the minds at MegaFauna

MF Look Book 2012 with Cassie Stevens

The MF Look Book 2012 unfolds this Fall with heightened anticipation. As with changes of every season we close a chapter in our lives both physically, as the world hastens into another phase in weather; and emotionally as the harvest season and sharing of the holidays begin. It is with these changes paramount in our minds that we seek inspiration in thought, in fashion, in life; a muse, to guide us into what things may come. At MegaFauna, we shared a rare and dubious honor to work with an international modeling talent in Cassie Stevens (www.casssiemstevens.com) whom served as our muse in touting the latest in cut, sew and show local design.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW MF Look Book 2012 with Cassie:

MF Look Book October 2012 with featured design by MegaFauna including: Beatrice Holiday, Buckley Omega, Burner Bill, Daylight Eyewear, Elyse Rainbolt, Lisa Wear Clothing, My Dads Cap Collection among others.

Please visit our shop page as we are constantly updating with new looks. We are open seven days a week 11AM-9PM, located at 2701 Larimer St. Denver CO 80205.

Model: Cassie Stevens

Photography: Sornsuwan Photography

Style: Cassie Stevens & John Mc

Location: MegaFauna 2701 Larimer St. NoLA. Denver. CO 80205

Book Cassie at www.cassiemstevens.com

MF Look Book 2012 with Cassie

Octopoda: Designed by a Goddess, Made by Robots, Created for Individuals

Octopuses. Robots. Donuts. Comic Book Heroes. Aliens. Paintings, drawings, clothing and prints of anything that is awesome.


Octopoda is the new brand for Myah Bailey, and her favorite artists.  It includes art as well as clothing, and is currently growing into other mediums.


The Benjamin Benjamin Gallery opened in 2008 in Hood River Oregon, before growing into Portland.   In 2012 it changed from Benajmin Benjamin to Octopoda, and relocated to Boulder Colorado.


MegaFauna is honored to welcome recently located designer Myah Bailey from Octopoda. Myah’s attention to detail and dynamic experience with various mediums shines thru in both artistic quality and consistency. Apparel and graphic art prints are clean, simple and timeless. Her gallery is presently online with select items being exclusively merchandised at MegaFauna (2701 Larimer St. Denver CO).

- – - – - – -

Today and everyday you make a difference by the decisions you make.

Thank you for supporting local creativity.


P is for Polzin


My name is Jessica Polzin. I am a designer from Denver currently living in Brooklyn and I have been speaking with Ami Pampas in regards to selling my merchandise through your store. My website is http://www.jessicapolzin.com/ if you’d like to take a look. I am working on having my merchandise professionally photographed and will email you more photos and examples of my work. Ami Pampas said to start arranging things to you. Let me know if you are available to speak. Thank you so much!

- -
Jessica! Actually quite a bit sparked interest. I was waiting on pics that you were most interested in before moving anything forward. You know your work and you know what Denver might like over other items. I’ll take all of this into account and volley over a few ideas. Let’s do this thing!
- -
John! Awesome. Here is a line of t-shirts I think would do well. I am working on macrame bucket bags, macrame totes, and reversible totes. Pictured here are the shirts, they are box top cropped t-shirts with dipped hems. The table runners pictured are the remaining ones, which I think would do well, but might be for a more specific clientele- i.e, older. Also pictured are the remaining quilt bracelets which do very well, and I am working on more as we speak. I will keep up with the pictures. Again, I apologize, my parents in town threw me off for a week. Thank you so so much! Lets definitely do this thing!

p.s- your store looks great b.t.w. Great FB posts!!!

- -
Jessica Polzin’s style is undeniable. kitsch, ready to wear, upcycled, but never recycled-fashion for home and body. Jessica’s one-of-a-kind work has arrived at MegaFauna 2701 Larimer.

Join us won’t you?

Open Daily 11am-9pm
24×7 megafaunastore.com
Hotline anytime