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Official H*Wood Apparel & Merchandise Now Available at MegaFauna

H*Wood does more than stay in his lane…he creates it. “First Light” is ahead of our time…it’s about time we catch up. Club sound be damned, this project is diverse and mainstream enough to take over radio and the clubs while boom-bap/808 laden enough to keep the streets listening. Win.”-


If the first 5 years of Brandyn H*Wood’s career is any indication he will be creating even more lanes, for locally resonating sounds and now a full apparel line of H*Wood Official Apparel. Artful creation of a brand takes time and proper timing. Throughout his career H*Wood has strategically positioned himself as a master craftsman for being at the right place at the right time. His self titled apparel line is no exception. Launched at the “Doubt Kills” EP release, the H*Wood Official Clothing line marries the right fit, Made in USA, homegrown style that made his sound what it is today. Complete with color ways for the sports general population and blending thoughtful commentary and bold colors, the H*Wood Official Apparel line is making the statement that his message is a force to be reckoned with on and off the stage.


H*Wood Official Apparel is being Exclusively offered at MegaFauna, 3102 Blake Street, available online mid-November. More information on Brandyn “Official H*Wood” Bordeaux here.

Official H*Wood Apparel Detail:

Men’s Crewneck and Droopy available in the following color ways; Purple/Black, Sunset Orange/Navy, Nuggets Yellow/Heather Grey

Locally Designed, Printed and Embroidered in Denver, Colorado

hwood  hwood_orangecrew hwood_purpcrewhwood_beanies hwood_dkdetail hwood_dkfull

“Keep it Glassy” Art Show at Meadowlark & MegaFauna

They say that the purpose of art is to invoke an emotional response. If this is the case, it takes a special type of art to invoke a melee. This past July Mike McGinley approached me about hanging an impromptu show featuring his latest and greatest pop and flash art etched on glass. No promotion, no advanced notice. Within two days every piece was purchased. The mob reached such a frenzy at one point, I was up a ladder trying to hang a piece and customers were bidding and buying before the piece could get properly leveled. Such has been my experience with Mike McGinley and his art etched on window and glass panes.

December 7 at Meadowlark & MegaFauna, Mike McGinley aims to add to a new and fun-filled show presenting one-of-a-kind pop-art etched on glass with, “Keep it Glassy”.

Mike will be presenting all original interpretations of pop influenced imagery and his own creations of flash and street culture, just above the curb. Each piece will be displayed on resourced and upcycled window pane and modified doors with glass installations. Each sized properly to fit a large wall as a series OR individually for the downtown or loft crowd. There are some surprises in play for the show, including LED retro-fitted and back-lit pieces.

Boulder-based Evo Hemp of Hemp Health, Inc., will be in attendance passing health-filled hemp bar samples and cool schwag. DJ Viking Sound Machine will be in the house pushing beats and other audible treats. J Audrey Hair Studio will be offering discount cards for their in-house hair studio. As always the MF Cafe will be selling locally roasted Novo Coffee, Rocky Mountain Sodas, sandwiches by local deli’s and Mom’s famous baked treats.

Keep it Glassy 6 PM-10PM at MegaFauna and continue Keeping it Glassy until midnight in Meadowlark at 2701 Larimer in the North Larimer neighborhood of Greater Five Points.


J Audrey Hair Studio Premier

Listen up daddio and Don’t flip your wig, J Audrey Hair Studio is now located at 2701 Larimer inside MegaFauna!

Find yourself at J Audrey Hair Studio for a night of proper social interaction, celebrating a new & righteous location for opportunity.

This ain’tcho mama’s jive party, this November 9 gala features personal tours of J Audrey’s award winning hair studio.

Don’t be a drag, come celebrate with local Artists and social bugs

Throwback your style with old school threads & vibe and jive with old school jams followed by Mile High Soul Club at The Meadowlark

Cool Eats and Treats for all; Just show up styled and dialed, no scags allowed, ya dig.

Get jazzed with us at MegaFauna, 2701 Larimer St. 80205
Conscious. Street. Couture.

Ladies Halftime Slowjam Trunk Show

Ladies ONLY Halftime Slow Jam & Trunk Show

This Sunday at 2pm at MegaFauna, 2701 Larimer, Denver

Leave the Boys at the Bar and Take time out with your girls

Supporting dozens of LOCAL art, apparel and jewelry makers.


Visit with your girls and local vendors including: Seymon Gurule, Lisa Wear Clothing, Hunny Head Designs, Plank Jewelry, Land Locked Clothing, Christine Cunningham head wear, and Tricks & Ginger jewelry.

There will be wine, a photobooth and complimentary quick styles by in house J Audrey hair studio to capture the silliness

and of course, lots of R&B slow jams

ditch your dude and spend some QT with your ladies!

November First Friday at The Meadowlark

Tricks are for Toys: a study of art, apparel and art on apparel

November 2 features pieces by
…… Nkosi Still and Unorthodox Children

Artist(s) in Attendance
Music Delights by disc jockeys
Foodie Treats by Babas Falafel
Beverages by choice
abNormal People & Dialog

LOCATED @ 2701 Larimer St. “NoLa”, Denver
Conscious. Street. Couture.

PASS IT ON……………………………………………….



curated & conspired by the minds at MegaFauna

Friday Afternoon Club & MF October 19 2012

Welcome friends to Friday Afternoon Club & MegaFauna

Join F.A.C. & MF each Friday from 6pm until 10pm and reward yourself Mile High style for surviving another week!

Each Friday MegaFauna kicks off your weekend featuring a fresh local artist, Musical treats, Local Vendors and all the fixin’s

October 19 Features
Heart in the Paint works
…… by Shitty Kitten & Zeb One & Dread

Artist(s) in Attendance —- Yes
Music Delights by Viking Sound Machine
Foodie Treats by BABA’S FALAFEL
Beverages Fo Free while they last
Normal People Dialog …. yup
Danceteria … players discretion

LOCATED @ 2701 Larimer St. “NoLa”, Denver
Conscious. Street. Couture.

PASS IT ON…………………………………………..…..

Heart in the Paint

Heart in the Paint
by: Shitty Kitten & Zeb One

Large Art & Small Art

Loud Music and Quiet Performances

Neighborhood Oddfellows y fellas
Food Truck roulette for your bellies
Beverages, Conversation and Artwork to whet your minds

6pm until… at Meadowlark & MegaFauna 2701 Larimer. NoLa. DNVR.

VIDEO RELEASE: MegaFauna – Day in the Life

Support Local. Always Buy Local. Support Local Creativity. All the buzz words are all the buzz as of late, but what does it all mean? Who is doing what to bring “Local” to the scene? What does it take to push loosely recognized local brands to the public and in turn create revenue. How are independents supposed to fight past the mega branding, the national brands, the corporate idolatry, government red tape …OH and build a recognized brand, that makes sales, which pays bills, powered by local talent and local resources. Enter MegaFauna.

Last Fall, MegaFauna teamed up with Focus 4 Design to make a video that shows what steps we take to answer the questions above. We hope this video provides a sneak peek at a Day in the Life of the local art scene in Denver, and all the coordinated steps to providing artists a platform for developing his/her art as business. If you are looking to develop or manage your art as a business, whether it be visual, verbal, musical, performance or independently branded business; call us.

VIDEO RELEASE: MegaFauna – Day in the Life


MegaFauna – Day in the Life from Focus 4 Design on Vimeo.

Specials Thanks to Travis Conklin and the team at Focus 4 Design, Cassie Stevens at, The Meadowlark Bar, Denver Art Society, The Gothic, LAMA Live and  participating artists for their coordination, direction, performance and production.


Devotchka Red Rocks Ticket Giveaway September 16

Pick Me. Tie Me. Cut Me. Dye Me.

WIN TICKETS TO DEVOTCHKA & The Airborne Toxic Event 9/20

1. Pick up your Devotchka tshirt at MegaFauna 2701 Larimer
2. Redesign the shirt; no rules except you must use the existing Devotchka band shirt as the garment (screen print, cut, dye, tie, burn, stick, bead etc)
3. Turn your custom shirt back-in to MegaFauna by September 16
4. Winners will be announced. PRIZES included for top 5 winners!
5. All Entries will be considered and judged by local designers and members of Devotchka.

WINNER gets FREE TICKETS to Devotchka at RED ROCKS 9/20!!!!
RUNNERS UP will receive merch signed by band + FREE MUSIC + FREE MERCH from MegaFauna.

Let The Games Begin!

(Looking just to buy tickets? Get them here:

Video Premiere!!! Revelation 13:11 Mural at 2701 Larimer St Denver


Revelation 13:11 Mural at MegaFauna 2701 Larimer St Denver

Music By: Jesus Rodriguez

Mural By: BimmerT

Produced By: BimmerT

Directed By: Bimmer Torres

Creative Direction By: John Mc


It has been revealed, for those who have eyes let them see (Revelation 13:11)

….. These are the words which opened my eyes to the mission behind MegaFauna. A local goods shopping experience that would reveal art, apparel, jewelry and other products and services; localized. A conscious consumer collective that redirects the creative, capitalist and conscious behavior of a target demographic away from MEGA media/marketing, and toward local and sustainable economies of old.

MegaFauna is to serve as a reminder that, if we don’t change the consumptive patterns toward local/sustainable and more conscientious buying/selling/trading, we will become like those who came before us, Extinct. Every purchase toward local is one less dollar going to Mega corporate, Mega government, Mega fossil fueled society.

BimmerT’s “Revelation 13:11 mural” captures, exactly, the mission behind this local movement. Concept to Consignment, we are providing a template of quality over quantity and rebuilding the fabric of care in the relationships that we develop. We are doing so with style and substance that can only be imitated and never duplicated. We may be idealistic, but this is where we draw our value and carry it back to you.

Thank you for supporting local creativity


Find us:
FaceBook @megafaunastore
Twitter @megafaunaCO
Daily 2701 Larimer St, Denver Colorado