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3102 Blake Street, in the River North Creative District, Denver Colorado 80205




Denver Skyline Panoramas, Before The Noise

Before the Noise of hyperbolic growth and bubble real estate cycles hitting the Denver scene a decade ago,

Before the Noise of daily craft brew openings and Artist conclaves being ousted from their creative spaces,

Before the Noise of Denver’s self importance being touted from a national level,

Dex Lane, a nature exploration consultant, captured the best panoramic series of Denver Skyline’s of the decade.


There are no other comparable images on the market which capture the historical essence of modern Denver.

Available in-store Exclusively at MegaFauna (going online in one week)

DenverPano Monochrome
Large:  14.5″ x 49.5″    $100.00
Small:   9″ x 30.5″       $45.00
DenverPano Night
Large:   14.5″ x 47″     $100.00
Small:    9″ x 29″        $45.00
DenverPano Dawn
Large:   14.5″ x 33.5″  $85.00
Small:    9″ x 21″        $35.00
For full size on paper:
Add 1″ height and length for small
Add 1.5″ height and length for large
All are giclee printed using Epson professional paper and archival inks.
All come in brown mailing tube
All come with 10% Off Coupons for framing at Red Shift Framing
Thank you for supporting the creative network at MegaFauna, 3102 Blake Street, Denver Colorado 80205

MF Local Apparel Release: Idolize Lost City Collection 2015

Idolize Clothing Co. Progression driven clothing .

  Established in the Summer of 2011, Idolize Clothing founder, Chris Styles, was dissatisfied with what the industry was offering. Chris set out to create a premium quality clothing line that focused on the needs of the growing entrepreneur. He wanted to design a simple but eye catching piece that those on the go would like to wear. By combining the best attributes of different clothing categories, the grind and mindset of the Hustlers, the ultimate hybrid of ‘progression clothing’ was born…..

-Idolize Clothing, Progression Driven (Idolize Owner, Chris Styles)


We have witnessed the dynamic growth and reinforced positive attributes which are self described above by Idolize Clothing, Owner, Chris “Styles”.

Chris at Idolize Clothing continues to be a shining example of how to build a clothing line with the thoughtful and diligent development of an emerging brand, not just a label with some letters on a sleeve. Chris works with MegaFauna on an (almost) daily basis to link, like, post and promote his brand and designs.


The Lost City Collection is the next incantation of the Idolize Clothing brand exploring contemporary street style with classic, timeless, conscientious design elements.

7 8 9

Lost City Collection balances numerical expression and the resurfacing of bold and brash colorways.

image1.1 image2.1

image3.1 image4.1

Idolize Clothing has remained relevant by adhering to simple design work and building into new and relevant product categories, listening to their customer base every step of the way.

photo 1 photo 2

Idolize Clothing is exclusively available in-store at MegaFauna and we are proud to call the Idolize Clothing family our personal friends.


Creativity  and application is the driving vehicle throughout the movement, and innovation lies at the heart of the brand. The passion for uplifting through hustle and grind in this market was unheard of. We consider ourselves as the extra push to success, the ambition that wakes you up, and the drive that keeps you from giving up.

MegaFauna Exclusively Presents Apparel by Idolize Clothing at 3102 Blake Street, Denver Colorado 80205



Thank you for supporting the local network of creativity at MegaFauna



The Time is Now

“One day very soon, we’ll be asked: what did we do. And we will say: we did everything we could… we have to… because if we don’t there won’t be anyone left to ask. We have never faced a crisis this big, that we have never had better ideas to solve. This is our only home. We can choose today to make a world of difference.”

At MegaFauna we work, intentionally, with the daily mantra toward what we can do to affect positive change for a more sustainable global community.

We are enacting these changes first with efforts of locally designed & printed apparel and products. We maintain a lifestyle of conservative consumption, buy only what is needed and only support the immediate network of businesses, creators and producers. By adopting a flat operational structure and growth strategy, meaning we only take on projects to support our business needs and incorporate an open platform for sharing business, even with competitors.

Traditional capitalists and their opportunistic cousins shake their collective heads at the “missed opportunities” and loss of perceive revenues, but what is the global bottom line. If there is a hyperbolic forecast for realized success who pays for it? At the end of the day even our money hungry human family will have to pay the piper. Whether these costs are realized in loss of connection to their friends, family or physical environment, there will be an equal and opposite reaction to this grand idolatry of global greed.


ref: Society’s Perception of The “Things That Matter” Is Backwards. Posted by Michael Thomas August 28, 2014

Read more:

But we do more, we reaffirm the need to recycle our waste, leverage alternative energy measures. There have been dramatic improvements in reclaimed and resourced products in the past decade. And during our tenure at MegaFauna we will continue to explore and perfect the harmonious union of product production and product reclamation to do our part ending the mass production and massive waste of resources. I mean, how many terribly designed and printed near-Free tees do you really need, in your closet, to justify your mass media contrived fashion sense?

In addition to sparking the imagination of a new generation of youth born into an education system facing an artistic drought, a feeble attempt to disrupt the creative power of the people. We are having to turn back the clock on an aging global population who’s wallets and buying behavior is set in a pattern of irresponsible purchases supporting global enterprise.

In sum, this video is what we preach and the only policy that created the concept of Megafauna​. The “one day” that Mr. Freeman speaks of, in this monologue, is our daily mantra. It is up to us, the creative collective power of the people to induce, incite and involve the masses that The Time is Now.

Today is the only day we have to start recycling, start supporting local & sustainable businesses, start growing your own food, start using alternative transportation methods and start inspiring young minds that old way didn’t work. We invite old minds to leverage their years of growth and gigantic trusts of network and bank accounts to steer the next steps of our global society with conscious consumption.


I will be writing more on this topic on the MegaFauna blog in the coming days, weeks, months and years as we continue to ignite what I hope will be change in your patterns of behavior away from the obsolescence of thought in society. We are all part of this universe, “It” is not something that exists outside of yourself. The day we all can unite on this path away from apathy and toward action together will be the day any change will be effective in creating a sustainable planet for habitation.
Thank you for your time and supporting the local network of creativity at MegaFauna

Deals on Local Consignment and Vintage Apparel

Join us Every weekend for MEGA Deals on Local Consignment and Vintage Apparel.

$10 Vintage, Closeout & Clearance Tees for Men and Women

Buy One get TWO Vintage Hats for just $10

Vintage Vinyl Records 3 for $10

100% Locally sourced by dozens of local artists, designers and screen printers.

:Printing Service, Clothing Store, Screen Printing & Embroidery, Event Venue and Art Gallery:

3102 Blake Street, Denver Colorado———————————-

Credit: Mural/Signage by TheGuerillaGarden — at Megafauna.

Top 5 Womenswear Boutiques in Denver – Westword

Number 5 with a reclaimed bullet.

Over the past year and since moving onto Blake; we have been building, slowly, methodically, with purpose to evolve the conscious consumer mindset. You don’t have to shop big stores to find form-meets-function fashion. Many of our products are resourced, made from reclaimed materials and always 100% locally consigned. Supporting your community starts with you.

Thank you Denver Westword for this gracious nod and the dedicated support of the local art, apparel and accessories including but not limited to;
Steffy Sickgirl + Mona Lucero + Beatrice Holiday + Silver Rose Jewelry + Olly Clothing Co. + + Humble Monster Clothing/Custom Screenprinting + Lisawear Clothing + Afro Triangle Designs + Buckley Omega + Fast Geek Boutique + Fashion Association Denver + Idolize + Urban Cipher + DeRailed Ink + Isvera Beware + Silvia Heuer + Silvana Mondo +  Hilary Muramoto + so many more!

Montana Silversmiths x MegaFauna Present; The Mile High Roundup Belt Buckle Design Shootout

Call to Colorado Artists!
MegaFauna has partnered with Montana Silversmiths to bring a once in a lifetime opportunity to the creative community of Colorado with the Mile High Roundup, Buckle Design Shootout.
Open to artists of all mediums and inclusive of previously neglected design subcultures such as punk, skate, graffiti, street art, and other historically alternative inspired art movements with your own Western inspired flair.
There is no entry fee and ALL artists are welcome to submit as many designs as they see fit.
We are not in the business of wasting anyone’s time. We know your time and creative energy, as an artist, is valuable. As such we want to reward your efforts behind this offering.
Artists get paid here, but your work must be selected.
Deadline November 1, 2014 at High Noon part’ner



Selection Process:
Upon receiving all material from artists, each submission will be evaluated by a selection committee at Montana Silversmiths. Montana Silversmiths will select the top 24 designs for final review.
The Sales & Marketing Department at Montana Silversmiths will select the final 12 designs.
Each of the selected 12 finalists will be paid $100 per design and Montana Silversmiths will create a buckle. As part of the compensation package all top final designs will be produced. Montana Silversmiths will pay for all CAD CAM and production charges; and will provide 50 buckles to each artist selected as a finalist. Each buckle will be valued at MSRP $35-$49.
Additionally, MegaFauna will be provided with a selection of the finalists buckles to promote, sell and market in collaboration of producing this campaign to support local Colorado creativity.
In the event any of these items go to print (production and or catalog) MS will offer a royalty to the artist or artists involved. This will be negotiated once items are selected however, typically between 2-4% of sales for a season or for as long as the item is in the catalog.

*IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING YOUR CREATIVE SUBMISSIONS: ALL the other submitted art, not selected, will be send back to the artist or in the case of digital media, deleted and not used for any further development.
These finer points of course will be spelled out with a document provided to each submitting artist.
(submit initial application to receive contest details and submission procedure and contact information for MegaFauna as the point on the project)

More about Montana Silversmiths:
For nearly 40 years, Montana Silversmiths is focused on producing and offering products of exceptional value. Nestled in the tiny hamlet of Columbus, MT, we’ve grown to become the largest supplier of western jewelry, watches, home décor, and legendary buckles to the industry. Handcrafted silver, rich in western heritage, is the very core of Montana Silversmiths. Our skilled craftsmen are the finest in the western industry, crafting products that are a combination of traditional western designs, unique modern flair, crisply executed engraving styles unmatched in their brilliance, and a keen attention to detail. Read more here >

Mile High Round Up

More details about the contest:
1. The theme or inspiration guideline is WESTERN – contemporary interpretations of the theme. Sculls, guns, pin up girls, long horns, hearts, hats, motorcycles, camping trailers, booze, cerveza, tequila, cactus, Mexican, southwestern, you name it, ANYTHING as long as it is not offensive or inappropriate.
2. What is deemed inappropriate? Hateful, derogatory, racially or sexually offensive material. Or material that which could be used to specifically target or single out one particular subgroup with the intention of causing that group harm. We understand that there should be no limits placed on the creative during this process but use your best judgment, we trust you will do your best.
3. Buckle Design competition, opened to all artists, with preference to Edgy/Skate board/Alternative/Graffiti Inspired Art.
4. No entry fee. Artists are welcome to submit as many designs as they would like. All entries should be submitted as a drawing, to size, or a carving, to size. If a carving is submitted, we request that the artist send us a hard version of the piece after creating a mold. Electronic files are also acceptable.
5. Format – Size should be close to 4” wide by 3” tall (give or take). The buckle can be the drawing, by this we mean that it can follow the shape of the design, as long as they keep in mind that this is to be a wearable buckle.

Saturday Social at Compassionate PM 11950 Colfax Lakewood Colorado

Catch the new Fall looks from the locals only Saturday Social hosted by MegaFauna at Compassionate Pain Management at 11950 W Colfax Lakewood Colorado


West Colfax Business District Open House

Alternate Decision,
Astro Apparel,
Demented Huggables,
Kurious Koncepts,
Shutdown Apparel,
HMTF Realty,
Idolize Clothing,
School Bus Shirts & mobile printing,
SomedayK Art & Apparel

PLUS Designs by Buckley Omega, DeRailed Ink, Daylight Snow and Eyewear, Sativa Bags, Compel Wear, Aksels Apparel and many more, and then some…

Hosted by MegaFauna at Compassionate Pain Management at 11950 Colfax, Lakewood featuring 100% locally designed and printed apparel, art and accessory items.

—- —- —- —- —- — — – – – — — — — — — — – –

Saturday Social is an opportunity for new and emerging businesses to set up a one day pop-up store at MegaFauna to tout their brand and sell merchandise.

This opportunity allows new and existing businesses a chance to focus on a one day promotion at an well known and established store front. Each event is tailored to the structure and concepts as unique as the products being offered.

“Businesses who set up booths at large scale events are oftentimes lost in the shuffle, so we wanted to provide a more focused campaign for these groups to highlight their full product offerings.” John McCaskill, owner MegaFauna

If you or someone you know might find interested or benefit from hosting or attending one of these progressive promotions please forward along this information.

Inquiries for Saturday Social at MegaFauna may be directed to manager@megafaunastore.comSaturdaySocial.cpm(1)