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Saturday Social Features Local Artists & Designers August 16

Saturday August 16 at MegaFauna 3102 Blake Street 2pm – 6pm


This week join MegaFauna in welcoming Birdseed Collective creator Anthony Garcia Sr and Jewelry & Dose at Saturday Social

This one day pop-up collaboration features the newest artistic creations by Anthony Garcia Sr

ss_birdseed1 ss_birdseed2 ss_birdseed3


Also, featuring Jewelry & Dose and their newest line up of accessory offerings

ss_dose1 ss_dose2 ss_dose3


Dose apparel
++Charmed Seed, handmade, spirit inspired and custom jewelry made for you
ss_charmed1 ss_charmed2 ss_charmed3
Saturday August 16th from 2-6pm at MegaFauna, 3102 Blake Street. Rino. Denver, Colorado 80205
Thank you for supporting local creativity


MegaFauna Mobile x D-Town Hoop Around August 24

MegaFauna Mobile will be setting up a pop-up shop at the D-Town Hoop Around August 24th!

Join us for the livest mobile programmed art, apparel and locally generated creativity in Colorado.
D-Town Hoop Around Event Details

The D-Town Hoop Around is a charity basketball tournament benefiting The ATD Foundation, a local non-profit organization that mentors and educates teens through sports. Teams will battle it out with each other to raise funds for Denver’s inner-city and underprivileged youth, which ATD aims to serve. The event will take place August 23-24th, with the final 8 teams competing on a rooftop court in the heart of downtown. A variety of fringe events will take place as well, including a sneaker swap, shootout contest, live art show, prizes, raffles, and silent auction.

Event Details & Information
United Street Festival Presents DTown Hoop Around
August 24th 2pm to 8pm
Roof Top Court (Behind Chase Bank on 17th & Lawrence)
1125 17th Street, Denver, CO 80202
  • Final 8 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament
  • Sneaker Swap
  • Open marketplace (clothing, arts, food, drinks, & more)
  • LIVE Music DJ Bedz of Denver Nuggets
  • Silent auction for charity (Sneakers, sports memorabilia, collectibles & more)
Event Sponsors & Partners
  • Denver Nuggets
  • Reebok
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Mens Dept.
  • Dunkxchange
  • Tru Fit Athletic Club
  • & more Check Flyer for info
USF x ATD Vendor Booth *FINAL EIGHT* $150 (Reg. $250)
  • 10 x 10 area dedicated to your company
  • Vendor table w/cloth & two chairs
  • Six complimentary event tickets
  • Inclusion in event giveaways
  • Portion of fee going to ATD Foundation


United Street Festival | UNSTRT | Focused MAP

(702) 981-1900


Summer Scream 4 at Lakeside #HumansofLakeside contest!

Attention #HumansofDenver, we are hosting a #HumansofLakeside contest. Send your best Lakeside Amusement Park story and photo to The writer of the best story will receive an official #SummerScream t shirt designed by DeRailed Ink ( and printed by Megafauna!

SS2014_menstee SS2014_tank


Summer Scream at Lakeside Amusement Park is back! Unlimited Rides. Unlimited Drinks. Unlimited Fun.

It’s the only private, cultural event to take over Denver’s historic Lakeside Amusement Park – all in support of the Denver Film Society. The best part? Reel Social Club members get in FREE. To renew your membership or join Reel Social Club:

Reel Social Club Members: FREE
General Admission DFS Member: $30.00
General Admission Non-Member: $35.00
General Admission (DOOR): $40.00
Four packs: $100


Presented by Deep Eddy Vodka

Sponsored by Argonaut Wine & Liquor, New Belgium Brewing, Denver Westword, Sunset Luxury Limousine’s, Outdoor Cinema Network, Scientific & Cultural Facilities District


The Entitled Generation and a call for Millennials

Over the past year or so I have had the pleasure to get to know one of the shining stars in, what I believe, is the forefront of conscious collective alliances and conceptual development, Mr. John Robison  IV. John is pragmatic intellectual and objectivist contemporary who identifies well with my own personal identification of evolving conscientious behavior in a terminally connected global community. John understands that sheer awareness of one’s self is only the first step to creating change and it will take a collective of this dubbed Millennial Generation to provide a stop-gap and refocusing of resources to continue to evolve the population of humanity on this planet.  In making this statement I do not discount the overlapping quarrels of comparison and responsibilities which seem to bridge all age groups of classification. Further it would be irresponsible to say that anyone is pinning a cape or a badge on any particular self proclaimed generation identified namely by disenchanted youth in these United States. Notwithstanding, I make the assertion that we love to classify generations and the inherent generational struggles of this age and the identification, education and commitment to implement the changes of this particular generation, even more than any point in history has decidedly profound consequences. Further the consequences of irresponsible decision making of this generation have the capability to effect the population of the world at large.

In one of our more involved conversations John and I reached agreement on one point which has stuck with me, which is this; When you peel away the fabric of aesthetics of our daily lives we, the common man in this country and around the world, require a basic foundation for survival. The capacity for the existing framework and the established practice of global politics, conflict resolution thru conflict, mass media, food production, water resource and energy consumption to name a few; can and will  have dire consequences for the world population.

We are no longer in a place to displace the responsibilities of those on another continent and identify these as “their problem”. We can no longer dismiss the  checked and balance and thorough reporting of programs previously thought to be radical. We can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to the blatant disregard for human rights violations against any group as this is an attack on ourselves as citizens of humanity. We can no longer afford these practices because, to be frank, we quite literally and physically cannot afford it. Down to the dollar. The credit systems and inflationary economic structures was and always has been a house of cards build on ponzi systems to which the established trust of leaders never foresaw being made known and publicized. They figured on the people of the world to become overburdened with daily crumb collecting to take notice. The establishment never anticipated the common man to find resource to connect the dots through web based forums and a return to community collective based action. We are at an impasse for effective power sharing. This will include migration of populations and shifts in contemporary corporate structures from top to bottom and physically around the world. These are not pie in the sky concepts targeted by radical community groups, but real people all around the world recognizing that change starts at home and with properly shared information and resource allocation we can all, across the global community as a whole, begin to repair and restructure the process by which humans continue to survive  and evolve.

Thank you for lending your ear to this otherwise cerebral discourse. As a follow up I have included a call from our friends at The Entitled Generation..

- John Mc -

Owner, MegaFauna

Founder at Final Friday


Hi friends,

Twenty-nine months ago I left the tech startup I co-founded in Boston with aspirations to spend a few years on the road, in search of my self. Along the way I’ve slept in hundreds of beds, visited dozens of countries, met thousands of people, and developed a keen interest in art and culture, as well as a deep personal philosophy that informs my decisions. I have also started talking about an idea many of you have heard a bit about: The Entitled Generation.

The young adults of today – the Millennials – are inheriting the world from our parents and grandparents. If we do not do so consciously and collaboratively I fear we are doomed to make the same mistakes they did, mistakes that we can no longer afford to make if there is any hope of a prosperous future for humanity.

In my travels I have come across a subsect of the Millennial generation that I see as having the right stuff to take the world’s tiller and steer humanity to the much more unified future that is possible – that is to say, you. We are The Entitled Generation: the people entitled to save the world, to lead it in a way that it has never been led before.

We know that our task is immense, that it will require time, persistence, social capital, luck, money, intelligence, and patience. Our goal is enormous and far-flung, and we are not so naïve as to think we can achieve it without hard work or collaboration. We also know that every journey starts with a step. In many ways, this message is that first step.

I am asking you to be involved, in whatever way you can, with the group. Share your work with us – we will thoughtfully critique it. Ask for help – amongst us we have a trove of talent to take advantage of. And in turn, offer to help – share your skills, help other members, act selflessly. Our main forum at the moment is our Facebook page – if you haven’t yet, please Like it. But more than that one click, weigh in. Comment. Post. Share. Our network effect can be immense, but only if we care enough to use it.

If we want to make culture, we must become culture makers. Through the arc of human development from premodern to modern to postmodern, the ideas that have driven human culture forward have been popularized by artists: musicians, writers, actors, painters, filmmakers, dancers, designers, and photographers who have seduced the masses and captured their attention. The Entitled Generation is a collective of those artists, talented young individuals creating work reflective of 21st Century life, both what it is and what it could be. We are intelligent, we live intentionally, we are well-traveled. And we can be so much more working together than we could ever be in isolation.

We have many ideas on how to move forward, and are always open to more. If you have any thoughts, please share them with me. Right now our goal: to get a following, and to get money. Without those two, any efforts will be severely hobbled. If you know people that might be interested in being involved, please, send them my way. If you have any questions or reservations, voice them – I am trying very hard to refine the message and concepts, challenges are appreciated.


More to come.


Very best,

John Robison IV


RTD foot bridge by 38th going up in River North Art District

Enjoying this snap of the RTD Footbridge going up at 38th, just down the street from Megafauna. We are looking forward to this fast growth development bringing awareness and traffic to the RiNo, River North Art District along the fast tracks development route to DIA. Keep your eyes peeled for all the fun newness happening around the Denver neighborhood!



Saturday Social at MegaFauna July 19 with WERA Clothing


3102 Blake Street 2-6pm

>>>>>> WERA Clothing <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Delivering products that are representative of fearlessness and strength,

WERA™ emanates the very core values if it’s creator.


By forcing ourselves to face our fears, we find and develop strength we didn’t know existed and in turn we force internal growth and understanding.

WERA™ isn’t a brand, it’s a lifestyle that encourages people to push themselves past their limits, exceed in ways they once thought to be unfathomable and overcome obstacles they never believed they could.

Why is this our mission?

Because WERA™.


$15 dollar tanks

MegaFauna is launching Summer Saturday Socials for Start ups! The Saturday Social is an opportunity for new and emerging businesses to set up a one day pop-up store at MegaFauna to tout their brand and sell merchandise.

This opportunity allows new and existing businesses a chance to focus on a one day promotion at an well known and established store front. Each event is tailored to the structure and concepts as unique as the products being offered.

“Businesses who set up booths at large scale events are oftentimes lost in the shuffle, so we wanted to provide a more focused campaign for these groups to highlight their full product offerings.” John McCaskill, owner MegaFauna

If you or someone you know might find interested or benefit from hosting or attending one of these progressive promotions please forward along this information.

Inquiries for Saturday Social at MegaFauna may be directed to

Final Friday Music Walk & Urban Bazaar July 25 in RINO


Final Friday occurs on the last Friday of the month; July 25, with participating businesses, community areas and venues opening their doors to Musicians, Bands, and Performers; emphasizing the real love of Denver – MUSIC. Each venue hosts a variety of music and performance entertainment for the evening.

Join July 25th in this locally programmed Music Walk & Urban Bazaar featuring 50+ bands and artisans displaying their wares stretching the length of North Larimer from Broadway to 37th streets.



Zip Car, truck stage at MegaFauna 3102 Blake Street:

DJ Uplifter 6-10pm


Youth on Record stage lot at 2650 Larimer Street

Presented by Deep Eddy Vodka & Dulce Vida Tequila:

Current Youth 7:30 – 8:15

Couch Bombs 8:45 – 9:30

The Born Readies 7:30 – 8:15 Stage at The Cartel Studio:

Dirty //Clean Productions 7pm – 12am


Infinite Monkey Theorem Stage at 32nd and Larimer:
Red Fox Run 7:30 – 8:45

Vetta Star 6:30 – 7:15


Walnut Room Stage at 31st and Walnut:

The Uncommon Cold 5pm ALL AGES

Town Mountain 9pm

Whetherman 8pm

more announcements coming soon!




Thank you for supporting local creativity

Saturday Social at MegaFauna July 12 with Johnson & Held

Saturday Social at MegaFauna features a rotating pop-up store for local artists & designers based in Colorado.

2 to 6pm Every Saturday at 3102 Blake Street.


Support the local creative network this Summer in the heart of the RINO Art District.


>>>>>> J & H Buckles <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

For over 30 years, Johnson and Held has handcrafted high quality custom belt buckles and related metalwork for clientele all over the world. Our aim is to create enduring pieces of art that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Every buckle is crafted in our Rocky Mountain foothills workshop. Our work begins with a base of sterling silver, nickel silver, bronze and every piece is alittle bit of gold.

We are excited to host such an established brand that is looking to connect to an up and coming area in the Creative District of River North / Five Points / Rino let’s go!

—- —- —- —- —- — — – - – — — — — — – — – -


MegaFauna is launching Summer Saturday Socials for Start ups! The Saturday Social is an opportunity for new and emerging businesses to set up a one day pop-up store at MegaFauna to tout their brand and sell merchandise.

This opportunity allows new and existing businesses a chance to focus on a one day promotion at an well known and established store front. Each event is tailored to the structure and concepts as unique as the products being offered.

“Businesses who set up booths at large scale events are oftentimes lost in the shuffle, so we wanted to provide a more focused campaign for these groups to highlight their full product offerings.” John McCaskill, owner MegaFauna

If you or someone you know might find interested or benefit from hosting or attending one of these progressive promotions please forward along this information.

Inquiries for Saturday Social at MegaFauna may be directed to

MegaFauna Art, Apparel, Local, Connect June 2014



Oh Heck Yeah! MegaFauna Prints Stickers, Signage, Banners and Apparel

Join MegaFauna tonight on the 16th Street Mall in Denver, Colorado for Oh Heck Yeah! Denver’s Immersive Street Arcade Happening June 7 – July 26 every Thursday + Saturday on Champa Street. MegaFauna printed the stickers and apparel for this collaborative and innovative event.

For more information on print and design services please visit




Get ready! This summer – June & July, 2014 – Champa Street in Denver, from 14th Street to the 16th Street Mall, will be transformed into a street arcade like you’ve never seen. This isn’t your father’s old-school arcade. Powered through a combination of the Denver Theatre District’s LED screens, social media and custom video games, this immersive arcade is going to be a gaming experience for all!

ON THE WEB: The public will be able to interact with video game characters through personalized Twitter profiles powered by local improv comedians from Bovine Metropolis.

ON THE STREET: Once you’re on Champa Street, you’ll feel it – the pulse of the arcade bringing downtown to life. To play at the arcade is to be immersed in each game. The entire two city blocks will be full of street art and custom structures that will transport players to a modern game world. The enormity and excitement is going to blow people away.

GAMES: Built by the Denver-based, award-winning creative team of Legwork Studio and Mode Set, the games will allow players to use their body as controllers while playing on the huge Denver Theater District LED screens. Microsoft Kinect devices will be utilized so participants feel like they’ve jumped right into the video games.

CULTURAL PROGRAMMING: The experience doesn’t stop with just games. Every night the arcade is open, the public can expect the unexpected. Businesses and organizations in the surrounding area are gearing up to extend the gaming story with karaoke, live music, dancing, theatre and comedy. Anything can happen. Anything is possible.

WHY: Gaming often gets a bad rap. Most people associate it with an activity that’s just for kids, geeks and sci-fi nerds. We see the arcade acting as a social glue by connecting strangers on the street. Downtown Denver is home to more than a quarter of all Denver jobs, and anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 people visit the 16th Street Mall per day. Studies continually show that play of any kind makes us more creative, curious and happy. It even contributes to helping build trust between strangers—what a novel thought! By infusing play into public space, we hope to build a community that is more creative and connected. It’s no coincidence that the most innovative people attribute play as the gateway to a good idea. If we can help inspire new ideas by integrating play into the built environment, then our project is a success. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want their city to be more fun?