Boutique Jewelry hits an Upcycle in Colorado

Newsflash! Boutique Jewelry is hitting stride in Colorado. And in true Colorado fashion designers are captivated by the conscientious craft of upcycling or resourcing to make what was old, new again. These items no longer fit the flea market or craft fair forms that your grandma used to make. Think instead of the designer trends hitting both coasts, BUT with more eco-conscious flare.  From used bike parts, hand-me-down clothes and scrap leather, to left over pieces in a indiscriminate range of textile facilities, the Rocky Mountain region is pulling ahead to display the best of the best in designer upcycled products. It seems only appropriate in this climate of change and in the spirit of paying forward to the local creative movement that MegaFauna introduce these shining stars in Colorado boutique jewelry & accessories.

Beatrice Holiday

HANDLEBAR BAGS / SEAT COVERS and RECYCLED INNERTUBE JEWELRY. Made with Vintage Fabrics, Bike Inner tubes & LOVE. Beatrice Holiday owner, Alisun Franson, is a landmark in accessory fashion in the Western United States. Alisun was one of the first in the country to effectively market recycled innertube jewelry and landing several times on the front page of Etsy with her designs. We are fortunate to work with Beatrice Holiday and continue to be enticed by her unique eye for using non-traditional materials.


Hunnyhead Jewelry

Inspired by celebrations, art supply stores, nature and weather, smiles, festivals, unexpected elements in fashion, bikinis, birthdays and presents,architecture and the female form. Jennylee Berns, owner at Hunnyhead Jewelry, has exploded onto the jewelry scene in Denver with one of kind stone and resourced bike components to make what was old, cool again.

Neal Lake Designs

Neal Lake specializes in manufacturing custom design laser products, one of which is Wood iPhone Skins. Neal also produces custom logo engraved skins and jewelry.

Plank Jewelry

Handmade Wooden Jewelry Made in Denver. Mike Larremore is a photographer slash awesome maker of sustainable hardwood & veneer one-of-a-kind jewelry.


This is a sampling of handmade, upcycled and resourced jewelry and accessories available at MegaFauna, 2701 Larimer and Retro Room 2034 Larimer. Also available at Trunk Shows hosted by area venues, so keep your eye out for updates!

Thank you for supporting the independent creative


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